A giant robot destroys a city!  This is a job for Superman!  Oh, crap, he doesn’t exist yet!

By far my favourite single page from the entire run of Federal Men, New Comics 10 (Nov 36) has the amazing payoff to the Invisible Empire storyline.  Steve manages to take control of the killer robot, and sends it back to destroy the villain’s base.  They send out two more robots to battle it, but Steve’s robot wins and the bad guys apparently perish as their lab gets pulverized in the battle.

The following issue is a much more straightforward, one issue story, of a gangster on the run who tries to hide out by being an actor in a gangster movie, and Steve and Ralph head to Hollywood to track him down.

Federal Men would take one further leap into science-fiction with issue 12, but then settle down to more “realistic” adventures for the duration of its run.


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