The Sandman story in issue 41 (August 1939) has little of the mood of the first story, largely because for much of it Wesley is in swimming gear, though keeping on the gas mask.  I doubt it aids him in the water, and while it sure does make him look creepy, its not in a good way.  I’m surprised the woman trusted him to help her against the murderous smugglers.



The Federal Men story in 41 is the last drawn by Joe Shuster, although his name is not on it, and it’s not up to par.  But his vision was failing rapidly and some of the figures look much like his, so I believe the official accreditation.

The story is particularly dramatic,  people are killed by poisonous snowfalls, the toxin placed into the clouds by a fire-and-brimstone public speaker to draw larger crowds and make more money.  Heck of a plan.

Once Shuster leaves the stories lose what little spark they still had.  Makes you wonder how much of an influence he had on the writing.  Without him, Siegel’s tales stay firmly rooted in standard crime stories, no giant robots or future child cops.

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