Great cover to Adventure 84 (March 1943).  Shame it has no real connection to the story, which pits Sandman and Sandy against a travelling circus where the performers are also thieves.


The splash page actually gives a better impression of the gang members than any given panel of the story.  In truth, this is a fairly simply tale, no use of dreams or anything.  After failing to stop some unusual criminals, Wes and Sandy see a sign advertising the circus, and realize that the thieves must be the performers.


Then, you know, they catch them.  If it hadn’t been for the great cover I doubt I would have included this tale.  Well, maybe for the splash page.



Mike Gibbs, Guerilla begins in this issue.  This series is set right in the midst of World War 2, but it’s very difficult to take seriously, as Mike Gibbs spends the entire run wearing a lime green trenchcoat and brown fedora.  This was not standard garb for guerilla warfare during World War 2, or at any other time in history.


This story is set in Paris, and has him contacting the leader of the French Underground, which happens to be a woman, to pass information on the Germans.  In other words, he is a spy, not a guerilla.  Of course, few spies went around in lime green trenchcoats either.


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