Lana Lang makes her first appearance in Adventure Comics in issue 161 (Feb 51), a few months after her introduction in Superboy’s own comic.  At first she was little more than a red-headed copy of Lois Lane, and this story really emphasizes that, as Lana becomes a reporter for the local paper.


In her spare time, of course, she tries to prove that Clark Kent is really Superboy.

Although there was not much to her at the start, she did have a positive effect on the Superboy series as a whole.  The Kents would start appearing more often, to give her someone to interact with aside from Clark, and bit by bit the world of Smallville would grow from this, with a supporting cast slowly increasing.




The Shining Knight story in this one is a lot of fun, as con men sell horses with wings attached, claiming to be selling Winged Victory.  Sir Justin gets wind of the scam, and tricks the men into “capturing” the real Winged Victory.

The horse becomes the hero, as it does not fly where the men try to take it, instead delivering them to justice in the form of the Shining Knight.

Once again, lovely Frazetta art.


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