Adventure 163 (April 1951) gives the Shining Knight a light-hearted tale.  An old man. Mesquite Mike, who longs for the days of chivalry writes to the Knight for help with the gunslingers in his western town.


Sir Justin comes to see him,not letting  Mike know his secret identity. The sheriff is in league with the bad guys, and makes Mike his deputy as a joke.

The rest of the story is pure sit-com, as he gets into his Shining Knight gear to scare down the bad guys, while the oblivious Mesquite Mike believes that he is the one making the outlaws cower in fear.

In the end, Mike is made sheriff.  A happy ending, at least until Mike winds up having to do his job without the Shining Knight standing behind him.

This is also the last Shining Knight story by Frank Frazetta.


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