Aquaman gets a new origin in Adventure 260 (May 1959), which also introduced Atlantis into the series.  As with Green Arrow, this origin would remain, with minor deviations, until the current day.  And also, as with Green Arrow, the story is told in flashback, as Aquaman seeks to prevent the US navy from dropping nukes into the ocean above Atlantis.


We learn of Aquaman’s father, Tom Curry, a lighthouse keeper, who rescues a woman, Atlanna,  from the ocean during a storm.  Their child is capable of living underwater, and communicating with sea life.  On her deathbed,  Atlanna confesses that she is an exile from Atlantis.

The young boy hones his powers as he grows up, and after his father’s death takes on the identity of Aquaman.  We also learn that his parents named him Arthur Curry, the first time that name has been ascribed to the hero.

I’ve read this story more times than I can count, but only this time did I look for any mention of the one-hour time limit out of water.  And it’s not there.  Going to have to keep hunting for that.

The story ends with Aquaman just outside the domed city of Atlantis, but we also learn that he has never been to it!  Despite this tease, it’s not until he gains his own comic that Atlantis really becomes a part of his series.  Perversely, Atlantis appears frequently in Superman at this time.


As always, excellent art by Ramona Fradon on this story.

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