Adventure 268 – Aquaboy!


Adventure 268 (Jan 60) gives the reader a rare glimpse into Aquaman’s youth.  He meets an old sailor, who he encountered as a child.  The sailor has gone blind, and lost his cache of pearls.  Aquaman wants to help him, but that proves easier said than done.  As usual, the art is by Ramona Fradon.


Even when they met years earlier, the man refused to believe the boy had the powers he claimed, and now refuses to believe that Aquaman is who he says he is, believing him to be a thief out to get the pearls for himself.

There are a number of stories in which heroes have to try to prove their identities to blind people, all playing on the concept that the effects of their powers could be faked, if one cannot actually see what they are doing.

This story takes that notion a step further, showing the problems the young Aquaman had in making anyone believe he really could live underwater.


It’s an enjoyable little tale.  Perhaps it does not give one as much insight into Aquaman’s childhood as one might wish, but it’s the only story for decades that even touches this area of his life.

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