Green Arrow ends his long run in this book with Adventure 269 (Feb 60), but continued his series in World’s Finest Comics, which had been running concurrently since he moved from More Fun Comics.

The story has him and Speedy re-enacting feats from a comic book, the Wizard Archer, that the editor thinks are impossible and unbelievable.

Wizard Archer is published by All-Star Comics, which had been the home of the Justice Society of America in the 1940s.  And just in case the reader was too young to catch the in-house reference, it is made even more obvious that this comic company is meant to be DC.


Although I usually like Lee Elias`art on this strip, this one seems sub-par to me.  Maybe he didn`t care for the story.




Aqualad is introduced in this issue as well, finally providing Aquaman a partner and supporting character that is not an octopus.

The boy was exiled from Atlantis because he is afraid of fish.  Once again we see a child ejected from Atlantis, but this time the device looks just deadly.


And once again, the purple eyes!  Aquaman makes reference to the Aquagirl story, saying that the boy will not be able to survive underwater, but Aqualad, who is not given any other name in this tale, informs him that he can live beneath the waves.  So what do the purple eyes really signify?  That won’t actually be addressed for a long time.


Aquaman helps Aqualad overcome his fear of fish in a sort of cure-or-kill fashion.  I doubt being told I had been tricked into playing with eels would suddenly make me fine around them, but it works for the lad.

At the end of the story, Aquaman takes him back to Atlantis, but the boy refuses to go, wanting to stay with Aquaman.  And after his parents stuffed him in a cylinder and shot him through that cannon, you can’t really blame him for not wanting to go back to them.

And again, great art by Ramona Fradon.

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