Bizarros are almost invariably presented as confused but well-meaning.  They may be destructive, even deadly, but are not malicious.  In this story, Jerry Siegel introduces three residents of Bizarro World that break that mold.


They kidnap Bizarro Lois, and force Bizarro to commit crimes before they will free her.  He heads to Earth and begins a sort of rampage, although since the Bizarros value what humans consider worthless, his “crimes” are more like good deeds.


He gets them garbage, worn out tires and sawdust, and thrilled as they are, the evil Bizarros keep demanding more treasures.

It’s Superman who steps in to save the day, disguising himself as Bizarro, he leads the three to a planet made entirely of coal.  The evil Bizarros are in such glee that they reveal Bizarro Lois’ location.  Superman intuits that the evil Bizarros are so greedy that they will never leave their planet of riches, and as they never appeared again, it seems he was right.

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