Both the stories in this issue are written and drawn by Mike Sekowsky, and Adventure 397 marks a change in the Supergirl series, as DC attempts to make it more 70s.  Sekowsky also held the reins on Wonder Woman’s comic at this time, when she had lost her powers, ditched her costume, as was acting a lot like Diana Rigg from “The Avengers.”  His changes to Supergirl were not as dramatic or memorable.


The first story in the issue pits Supergirl against a supernatural foe, Zond.  He runs a cult, and one of Supergirl’s friend from Stanhope joins it, but winds up in a mysterious coma.


Her first battle with the cultists results in her costume getting torn up.  Supergirl calls on Diana Prince, who runs a dress shop at this time, and together they whip up a batch of Supergirl outfits.  For the duration of her run in Adventure, Supergirl’s costume would change regularly.  Some were decent, some really awful.


Wonder Woman also calls on her friend, the witch Morgana, who was an occasional supporting player in Wonder Woman.



It turns out Zond is an old enemy of Morgana, and she uses her magic to lead them to Zond, and helps Supergirl defeat him.




The second story in the issue introduces Lex Luthor’s niece, Nasthalita, better known as Nasty.  Although Lex calls her his niece, it’s unclear who her parents are, or were.


Lex gives Nasty the mission to uncover Supergirl’s identity, and she enrols in Stanhope College.


Nasty’s plans are none too subtle, and once Supergirl starts listening in on her conversations, she discovers that Luthor is her uncle, and apprehends him.

As for Nasty, she just gives her a good scare, and hopes this will cause her to back off.  Considering that Nasty sticks around for the next few years in this book, perhaps she should have tried something more.


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