Chris and Vickie take on a couple of bounty hunters in Adventure 484 (Aug 81), a story by Marv Wolfman and Don Heck.


The Bounty Hunter is a bounty hunter.  Bet you couldn’t have figured that one out.  His sidekick is the Pupil.  Which is a giant floating eyeball with a mortarboard hat, which I concede is kind of neat.  Wish it had been drawn by someone other than Don Heck, but even he can make a circle look right.


Meanwhile, Chris and his family are still living in a completely empty house, as the notion of having readers create their furniture appears to have been a total dud.  But rather than just stick something in there, once again they plead to have the readers do the work for them


They also now want the readers to design the clothes for Chris and Vickie and their friends!  Sadly, unlike the empty house, they don’t have all the townsfolk just walk around naked until the readers design clothing.


The Bounty Hunter and the Pupil are both working for someone called The Master, who had appeared a couple of years earlier in the Jimmy Olsen series in Superman Family.  At the end of the story, Bounty Hunter is about to give away the identity of the Master to Chris and Vickie, but is killed by the Pupil.  The Master returns next issue.

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