Dial “H” for Hero ends its run in Adventure with issue 490 (Feb 82) in a full-length story by E Nelson Bridwell and Bob Rozakis, with art by Carmine Infantino and Howard Bender.


It`s more cosmic in scope than most of their tales, and Bender makes the art better than most of the other issues as well.


But despite some nice visuals, it`s still a typical Dial `H`story, with Chris and Vicki becoming a variety of one-shot heroes to defeat a line-up of one-shot villains.


At least the house does get furnished, on the very last page.  In kind of dull, run-of-the-mill furniture.

Chris King and Vicki Grant appear next in the DC Comics Presents team-up with Superman that pits them against the Master, and then a month or so later begin a back-up series in New Adventures of Superboy.

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