The Shazam story by E Nelson Bridwell and Don Newton ends in Adventure 492 (Oct 82).  Master Man has called up evil gods from a variety of pantheons : the Egyptian Set, Slavic Cernobog, Aztec Tezcatlipoca and Persian Ahriaman.  The evil gods and the Marvel Family go one on one.


Kid Eternity decides to fight his own fight, rather than calling up someone to do it for him, and lures Ahriman to the Big Bang, while Mary Marvel simply blows out the fires of the Aztec god.


Captains Marvel, the original and junior versions, prefer physical combat with their adversaries.


After wiping out Ahriman, Kid Eternity takes on Master Man, and Satan is so displeased by the failures of everyone fighting for him that he wipes them all out himself.

While the Marvels all next appear a couple years down the road in a DC Comics Presents Annual, these are the final appearances of all the villains, except for Ibac, who returns in Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Kid Eternity has to wait for the mini-series by Grant Morrison for his return.

The next Shazam series, which features only Billy Batson as Captain Marvel, is a 1987 mini-series.


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