I really like the cover for Detective 51 (May 1941).  The composition and lighting are well done, and the cape has maximum effect.  But I do wish it had been an image relating to the story inside.


It’s not a great tale.  Finger, Kane and Robinson were churning out a lot of Batman stories, and this one has a by-the-numbers feel to it.  Bruce and Dick go to a fair, but discover that it is run by scam artists and thieves.  So, you know, carnys.


And so we get fights scenes scattered throughout the park, making use of the setting.


The roller coaster is saved for the climax, of course.


The Crimson Avenger story in this issue is intended as a light-hearted tale, with Lee accompanying a wealthy boy on his birthday, and helping him fend off kidnappers, but the ending shows his darkest side.


After the bad guys have been caught and tied up, and are merely waiting to be shipped off to jail, Lee dons his costume and beats them up.  Not a very heroic act, but it does perhaps explain why Lee adopted a costume that better concealed his identity.

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