Bruce and Dick go on vacation in coal country in Detective 111 (May 1946), and just happen to be passing through a town when a mine collapses.


The Mine owner refused to install safety devices.  His son wants to modernize, and also marry the daughter of a trapped miner.


Family drama and mineshaft drama.  Not a bad story.  I really like the cover.


Curt Swan does the pencils again on the Boy Commandos, as they help a group of disabled veterans open their own factory.


The men are turned away from their former jobs, and that theme runs through a lot of stuff from just after the war, so it must have been a very common occurrence.


They start up their own factory, and wind up producing superior goods.  The factory owner sends his goons to destroy their factory, and thats when the Boy Commandos get into action.  Cause you know, as former soldiers themselves, they are not inclined to fight.


That really isn’t the point, though.  The story has a fun conclusion, and message that was felt vital to impart.  There is a Justice Society of America story from the same time that also deals with disabled vets.

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