Edmond Hamilton and Bob Kane tell the cover story for Detective 135 (May 1948).


Professor Carter Nichols returns having been researching the story behind the Frankenstein legend, and he travels back in time himself to discover that there really was a scientist, with a giant assistant Ivan.  Ivan gets wounded and is revived with adrenaline, but it turns him into a destructive beast.


Nichols then, contrary to the way his time travel hypnosis always works, uses his own mind to pull Batman and Robin back in time to him.


Batman winds up having to take the same serum as Ivan, turning him into a destructive monster, and two battle.


Batman manages to get control of himself, but the villagers destroy the castle, and Ivan.  Batman relates the story to a travelling Englishwoman, who turns out to be Mary Shelley, who writes the novel.

This creature is in no way related to any of the other Frankenstein variations that have appeared in DC.

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