The Joker sets up his own newspaper in Detective 193 (March 1953).


Put to work on the newspaper in the prison, the Joker gained inspiration for his plans after escape.  He begins a newspaper, with an entertaining collection of articles designed to appeal to criminals.  He also advertises robbery plans for sale.


Batman goes undercover and joins the Joker’s mob, taking down the various members during the crimes they had paid for.  The story culminates in a fight in a paper plant.  Were the art better, this could have been a top drawer story.


Roy Raymond’s show faces competition on the airwaves, to the dismay of his sponsor, in this Ruben Moreira story.


Roy brings people onto Impossible But True, after being unable to disprove their tales, but the same people show up on a rival network’s show, “Fabulous Phonies,” where they are exposed as frauds.  Not only is Roy personally upset at being made a fool, his ratings suffer, and his sponsor comes down on him.


The story has a good resolution, as Roy goes on “Fabulous Phonies” himself to expose the fraud that was pulled on him.

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