A striking cover, and a great story, in Detective 222 (Aug. 55), by Bill Finger and Dick Sprang.


Wealthy and athletic Ned Judson receives an invitation to join the secret Brotherhood of the Batman.  They explain to him that Batman is really a group of people, with a variety of specialized skills, working together.  Judson has been chosen as the newest member, and is thrilled with the prospect.


It’s a clever scam, and they go all out with it, setting up phony crimes and having him stop them in Batman uniform.  Meanwhile they charge him for the various accessories, and soak him for all he’s worth.  Batman gets wind of this, when they see a fake crime, and he introduces himself to Judson as Batman number one, the one who gets to work with Robin, and they begin super-secret training.


So unwittingly Judson helps Batman bring down the mob that had conned him, and Batman makes Judson not feel like a complete ass for falling for it.  Kudos all around.

This story was retold as a Black Orchid tale in the mid-70s.


Roy Raymond meets a modern day Rip Van Winkle in this story by Jack Miller, with Ruben Moreira art.


The man tells a story of meeting little men and then falling asleep, waking up in the present.  It’s a decent story, but the main reason I included it is Roy’s method of catching the con artist.


Roy offers the man a ballpoint pen, and he takes it and writes with it.  But no one pre-20th century would guess there was ink inside a pen already.

Roy used this exact same trick on a man claiming to be Benjamin Franklin in an issue a year or so earlier, and I know he uses it at least once more.  It’s his go-to test.

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