Batarangs are the focus of the Bill Finger/Sheldon Moldoff tale in Detective 244 (June 1957).


As with stories of this kind, much of it is spent relating short tales that illustrate a variety of batarangs, most of which were never seen in any other tale.  Batman and Robin both dread using “Batarang X,: which means that it will be used at the climax of the story.


It’s not a bad tale.  Much better than the make-up one. If anything, it makes one wonder why it was two years into the stories that explore Batman’s arsenal before they dealt with the batarangs.


Batarang X turns out to be nothing more than a giant batarang that Batman rides in order to quietly approach some villains by air.


It’s Roy Raymond’s birthday in this story.  Ruben Moreira is credited with the art, but it doesn’t seem on par with previous stories.


Roy receives some very strange gifts, including a pen that can write on the air, and suspects that one of the partygoers is hoaxing him.  Karen is his first choice, but she clears herself with a polygraph.


In a weird twist ending, one of Roy’s staffers turns out to be his time-travelling descendant from the future, come back to celebrate his famous ancestor’s birthday.  Any hint of a romance between Roy and Karen is pretty tidily squashed in this one, as the boy refers to Roy as his ancestor, but not Karen.

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