Matt Hagen escapes from prison, returning to his secret pool and re-powering himself for another go as Clayface, in Detective 304 (June 1962), in a story by Bill Finger and Sheldon Moldoff.


His first encounter with Batman on this new crime spree ends well, as he steals millions and turn himself into a giant muddy top, flinging Batman away.


Clayface then tries a new tack, kidnapping and impersonating people.  He has the bad luck to choose men known to Bruce Wayne, and messes up on little details, like claiming a toothache while impersonating a man with dentures.


Once again it comes down to a matter of outlasting Clayface.  Hagen attempts to flee as a giant bat when his time limit approaches, but Batman freezes him, and he is stuck there until he turns back to Hagen.

But you can’t keep this guy down, and he returns for his third try in a few months.

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