The Sheldon Moldoff story from Detective 325 (March 1964) marks the third appearance of Cat-Man, which is also his last appearance until the 70s.


This story confirms what the other two had hinted at, that he possesses nine lives.  This is not an innate power, however, rather an attribute of his costume, made of a fabric claimed to have magical powers.

Now that Cat-Man has proof of his costume’s powers, he goes out of his way to show off his ability to survive death.


Batwoman goes to check on the outfit Cat-Man had made for her, and discovers that it is made from the same cloth, with the same abilities, and dons the Cat-Woman suit again to be able to face off with Blake.


The story ascribes the costume nine lives, but those lives get divvied up between the two people with the costume, so Batwoman uses up Cat-Man’s remaining lives.

Cat-Man gets captures and imprisoned for the first time at the end of this tale.

He returns to fight the Freedom Fighters in the mid-70s.

This story also marks the final appearance of Batwoman until the mid-70s as well, wit her returning in the pages of Batman Family.

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