Len Wein and Marv Wolfman script the Batman story from Detective 408 (Feb. 71), with Neal Adams and Dick Giordano providing the art.


Batman is lured to a house in which  all manner of nightmarish things haunt him, most of which have to do with Robin.  So in a way this story, although there are actual villains, can be seen as separation anxiety Batman is feeling now that his child has grown up and headed off to college.


The final hallucinatory scene has Robin and the Justice Leaguers at Batman’s funeral expressing their disdain for him, before all goes black.


Then we get to see the real game.  Robin was kidnapped, and used to draw Batman to the house, and the hallucinations were to distract him while Dr. Tzin Tzin got him into a death-trap.  Of course, Batman escapes and frees Robin.


In this story, Tzin Tzin is attempting to join the League of Assassins.  Killing Batman is his “initiation.”  That’s a big step down for a criminal mastermind, as he was portrayed in his first appearance.  This story also, at the end, implies that Dr. Tzin Tzin has some degree of illusion casting powers, explored more fully in his next appearance, against Supergirl, in the pages of Adventure Comics the following year.




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