Denny O’Neil, Irv Novick and Dick Giordano created a very popular story in Detective 414 (Aug. 71), with a Neal Adams cover, as the comic increases in size, reprinting earlier Batman stories, and stories of other detectives.  Batgirl’s series would continue to feature new stories throughout the duration of the 48 pagers.


The story is inspired by the film noir “Key Largo.”  Both are crime stories set in the Florida keys during a hurricane, and the character of Loosy, is drawn from Claire Trevor’s Oscar winning turn in that film.


Batman is on the trail of gun smuggling to a Latin American country, and the lighthouse keeper is minor messenger in a much larger picture.  Loosy is his girl, an aging singer who never made it big.  She helps Batman against the gun runners, and there is even a supernatural touch to the ending, popular in Batman stories from this era.

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