Although Hugo Strange had not appeared since the 1940s, he was not unknown to me when I read Detective 471 (Aug. 77) at age 12.  He had appeared in Batman 1, which had been reprinted in oversize format a year earlier.


Rogers and Austin are back on the art, joining Englehart as we see that Dr. Phosphorus’ apparent death has not stopped Thorne or his crew from pursuing their anti-Batman agenda.


Bruce Wayne, suffering from radiation burns from his battle last issue, seeks out an exclusive clinic for wealthy people, Graytowers, that he has heard about.  Once admitted, he is drugged, and has a great nightmare.  Maybe not so great for him, but thanks to the art, great for us.


Silver St.Cloud attempts to visit Bruce, but is turned away at the door, while Bruce realizes that he has become a prisoner there.


Bruce switches to his Batman gear, and pretends to have broken in.  He confronts the doctor in charge, who reveals himself to be Hugo Strange, having survived his apparent deaths decades earlier.  He distracts Batman with his ravings, as a python attacks the hero.


Waking from the attack, Batman finds himself unmasked.  Hugo Strange now knows he is Bruce Wayne, and he is still the man’s prisoner.


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