The concluding half of Conway and Newton’s Blockbuster story is featured in Detective 499 (Feb. 81).


Batman has the evil union rep to thank for his survival.  Just before Blockbuster grinds him into paste, the rep blows up the mine, figuring to bury the miners and Batman, and all his problems.


Blockbuster sees Batman work to save his friends, and even the brain damaged Mark Desmond can see the value in not trying to kill him at the moment.


They work together to  clear the debris and make a safe passage out of the mine.


Batman takes down the union rep, but leaves Blockbuster to live in peace with the miners.  It lasts for a while.  Blockbuster pops up two years down the road, in the pages of Wonder Woman.


Things do not look good for Batgirl at the start of this story, by Burkett, Delbo and Giella.  She is due in court, and about to be thrown into the river to drown, which means she will likely not make it and forfeit her bail.


But Barbara proves remarkably adept at escaping chains underwater.


She finds the evidence she needs, and gets the secretary there so that she can burst into court at the right moment and accuse the guilty party.  Then she flees, changes to Barbara Gordon, and comes back in all “oh, did I miss something?”


I do like Commissioner Gordon’s closing thoughts, but otherwise this trial story was a let-down.


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