Gerry Conway and Don Newton contribute a full-length story to Detective 503 (June 1981), featuring the Scarecrow.


Batman gets shot with a dart while making his rounds of beating up the usual Gotham thugs.  It has not immediate effect, but he takes it back to analyze.


The effects begin to manifest the next day, as people become afraid of him, as both Batman and Bruce.  Commissioner Gordon all but freaks out during a meeting they have with Hamilton Hill.

In both Detective and Batman, there is a running plotline now about the mayoral election, and the rival candidates Hill and Arthur Reeves.  Reeves is anti-Batman, but Hill is not fond of Gordon.


Even Alfred reaches the point of not being able to be around Bruce, and he cannot function when people run or freeze in terror at the sight of him.  Using Alfred as an intermediary, he gets Robin and Batgirl to help him track down the Scarecrow, who has been running rampant in Gotham.


They don’t prove to be much help, falling into the Scarecrow’s hands pretty quickly.  But Batman has been working on an antidote throughout this, and of course he finds one.


It’s ok, but not my favourite Scarecrow story.


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