Gerry Conway and Don Newton conclude the story of the Mannikin in Detective 507 (Oct. 81).


This half of the story gives the reader much more information about the Mannikin.  A former supermodel, disfigured in a car accident, blames those who no longer find her beautiful. She has a devoted assistant,who crafted her exosuit for her.


Interestingly, Bruce Wayne is the one to dig up information on her, not Batman.  Wayne simply goes to visit a newspaper and discuss models in car accidents.


Knowing both her identity and her targets makes it not so hard for Batman to track the Mannikin.


And though the Mannikin is defeated, and her scars revealed, there is little feeling of triumph in this sad, but strong, story.


Mike W Barr and Dan Spiegle contribute another excellent Tales of Gotham City in this issue, the story of a girl who longs to be a concert violinist, despite her parents protestations.


The girl works as a waitress, using what money she makes to pay for lessons.  She hopes to attend a concert by her favourite violinist, but a scalper raises the price on her.

Oddly, even though her parents do not support her, they have their own tickets for the concert that night.


A friend manages to sneak her in through a fire exit.  The violinist freaks out on the audience, saying that only the girl truly appreciates his music.  Then he storms out of the theatre, and joins her as the play on the street for change.

It’s all a bit of a fairy tale, but it tugs at the heart anyway.

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