Detective 554 (Sept. 85) features a cover based on the one that introduced the original Black Canary back in 1940s in Flash Comics, which was in turn based on the cover of Detective that introduced Robin, this time debuting a new costume for Black Canary

And not much is missed by not featuring the Batman story on the cover.  It’s a run of the mill piece, dealing with smugglers.


Joey Cavalieri, Jerome K Moore and Burce Patterson even give Black canary top billing in this story.  She deserves it, but it’s still a shock, considering that she often gets no billing for her appearances in Green Arrow.


In perusing her mothers notes on her cases, Dinah realizes that her reaction to Bonfire was based on her mother’s reaction in a similar case, and that the imprinting of her mother’s memories onto her had been controlling her choices and actions.

This pertains to the recent revelation in Justice League that Dinah was the daughter of the Earth-2 Black Canary, not the same woman, as she had believed since coming to Earth-1 in JLA 75.

To help distinguish herself from her mother she adopts a new costume.  Not a bad idea, and the costume does look much better in the issue itself than on the cover, but it sure became unpopular very fast.


No longer feeling hampered by her mother’s past, Dinah seeks out Bonfire, and defeats her using her sonic cry, her own personal power, one that her mother never had.

Comments on: "Detective 554 – Black Canary changes clothes" (2)

  1. Netministrator said:

    Actually the cover is based on Flash Comics #92 which has Flash and Hawkman instead of Batman and Green Arrow flanking her


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