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Adventure 398 – a new logo for a reprinted Supergirl story


Supergirl gets a new logo in Adventure 398 (Oct 70), but the story that accompanies it is a reprint of one of her tales from Action Comics, so I’m not going to talk about it here.

This logo would accompany Supergirl as she moved from Adventure into her own series, and then into the pages of Superman Family, lasting through the 70s and into the early 80s.

Adventure 390 – Supergirl`s all-romance special


Adventure 390 (Mar/April 1970) is an 80 page giant that reprints 5 stories from her run in Action Comics.  I will be talking about those individual stories when I cover Action, but I included this to highlight how much of a romance comic the Supergirl series was in the 60s and 70s.

This issue has stories of two of her main boyfriends from this era, Dick Malverne, who she met while in the orphanage, and later went to high school with.  He was essentially her `Lois Lane`, in that many of the tales had him trying to prove she was Supergirl.

Two of the stories in this issue deal with her romance with Comet, the Super-Horse. Somehow the bestiality element never seemed to occur to the writers.

This issue also reprints the tale in which Supergirl finds an alien double of herself, and matchmakes the woman and Superman.

From bestiality to quasi-incest, the path of true love never did run smooth for Supergirl.

Adventure 380 – Legion of Super-Heroes ends


After 81 issues, the Legion end their run in Adventure with issue 380, by Jim Shooter and Win Mortimer.  The story is “inspired” by the Odyssey, and the title of the story clearly derived from the Kubrisk film.


Superboy receives a call from Dream Girl, who warns him of a prophetic dream she had.  Immediately after, he, as well as Ultra Boy, Bouncing Boy, Duo Damsel, Light Lass, Sun Boy, Cosmic Boy and Invisible Kid are teleported to a strange planet, and Superboy is devoured by a dinosaur with kryptonite teeth.  Cause, you know, it makes total sense for an animal to have teeth made from kryptonite.


The Legionnaires are in shock, but Ultra Boy rouses them and gets them working on a space ship so they can get back home.  Bouncing Boy consoles a distressed Duo Damsel, the first hint at the romance between them, forecast in the Adult Legion story that saw them married.


The ride home lurches from disaster to disaster.  Ultra Boy really shows his mettle in this story, saving the rest of the team time and time again.  But repeatedly unusual events occur, strange things appear and disappear, enough that there is clearly something going on that the Legionnaires are not aware of.



Upon returning to Earth, they see robot duplicates of themselves being killed.  Superboy then pops up to explain it all.  Dream Girl foresaw their deaths, and the entire “odyssey” was arranged to keep them out of the way, while the robots suffered their fate.  The Super-Pets had been acting in secret, causing the strange events.  The villains behind the murder plot?  More irrelevant characters who kill themselves without explaining their grand plan.


Not a high note to go out on.

The Legion switch places with Supergirl after this issue, being demoted to the back-up spot in Action Comics, while she takes over Adventure.

The Super-Pets appear again, in a few stories, but this is the last time they have a major role in any Legion tale.

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