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Detective 322 – Robin and Bat-Girl save Batman, and the Martian Manhunter vs Arnold Hugo


Bat-Girl Betty Kane makes her first appearance in this book, after a number of appearances in the pages of Batman.  Detective 322 (Dec. 63) gives her and Robin the starring roles in this Sheldon Moldoff story.


The story involves a formula that turns a person into a genie until they fulfill three wishes, and Batman is the one to get doused with it.


The criminals try to use him to commit thefts, but Robin and Bat-Girl race around preventing this.


A silly tale by any standards, this is a sign of how low the series had fallen.


Arnold Hugo returns in this story, having his first battle with the Martian Manhunter.


Alerted by Batman, J’onn goes after Hugo, but falls prey to a machine he invents that siphons off part of J’onn’s powers.


J’onn figures out that it also would have siphoned off some of his weakness to fire, and gets Zook to heat up and weaken Hugo enough to be beaten.  Batman cameos in the final panel.

Arnold Hugo returns to face J’onn again after his series moves to House of Mystery.

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