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Detective 10 – Speed Saunders on land, Blood of the Lotus ends, Spy sails to Europe, and Slam Bradley becomes a boxer



The Speed Saunders mystery in Detective 10 (Dec 37) is a little less interactive than the splash page makes it sound.  It’s not that great a mystery, but it does have one significant panel.


Speed has just returned home from his latest nautical adventure, and we see that he lives at home, with his unnamed mother.  There was so little background and characterization of heroes in this period even little stuff like this becomes important.


Speed doesn’t actually even solve the case in this one.  That’s left to the Indian servant.


The Blood of the Lotus concludes in this issue.  With such an elaborate splash page, I was not expecting such an abrupt ending.


Bruce Nelson’s pursuit of the runaway niece leads him into Chinatown, synonymous with drugs and white slavery in this pulp era.


And again, the story culminates in horrific amounts of explanation.  Look at that page.  Over a third is text!  The one unintentionally humourous part is, thankfully, not buried deep in a massive dialogue balloon.  In the lower left panel, the girl remarks about how they tried to make her queer.  Might even mean the same thing.


Unlike Claws of the Dragon, this story does not end announcing that Bruce Nelson will return.  But he did anyway.


Sally and Bart are sent to Europe in this chapter of Siegel and Shuster’s Spy.  They cross on the Atlantis, and Sally winds up running into foreign plotters during the cruise.




Shorty and Snoop are both back, giving Slam Bradley two sidekicks in this Siegel and Shuster adventure.


It’s a typical boxing mystery, with gamblers and fixed matches, but it takes Slam into the ring, and I do like the page with the montage of papers showing his rise.


Shorty and Snoop are almost too busy squabbling to be of any help.

Detective 9 – Larry Steele and the mad doctor, Blood of the Lotus begins, Sally turns the tables in Spy, and Slam Bradley gets a new sidekick




Larry Steele’s first serial concludes in Detective 9 (Nov 37).

Larry’s father had been kidnapped, to try to get him off the case of the missing. star. Despite plane crashes and cars going over cliffs, Larry tracks down the mad scientist working on a perfect man for his wife.


The art is never strong, but the series continues anyway.  Larry and his family stay in New York City from this point on.  I guess the father took a liking to it while being held captive.


Blood of the Lotus begins in this issue, continuing Bruce Nelson’s adventures after the conclusion of Claws of the Dragon.


In this story he has a devoted Chinese servant, Sing Lee, a former soldier in the Chinese army, and a nifty device to spy on people coming to the door of his apartment, concealed in a large urn. Neither Sing Lee or the spying device would ever appear again.


The story deals with the runaway niece of a millionaire, and takes Bruce to Chinatown at the end of this chapter.


Siegel and Shuster change things up a bit in this instalment of Spy.  Bart is the one who runs off unprepared and gets into trouble.


So Sally gets to be the resourceful one who saves HIS life for a change!  They still end up in that same embrace, though.


Siegel and Shuster also helm Slam Bradley, who gets a new sidekick in this issue.


Snoop makes his debut.  Even shorter than Shorty, he has a sort of nasty, aggressive personality.


While the two vertically challenged characters spat with each other, Slam hunts down a Human Fly burglar, culminating in a battle on the exterior of a skyscraper.


Slam decides that Snoop can stay, but as Shorty’s sidekick.  How utterly demeaning Slam is.

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