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Adventure 389 – Supegirl’s robot boyfriend


A lot of twists in the concluding half to the Brainiac story in Adventure 389 (Feb 70), by Cary Bates and Kurt Schaffenberger.


We discover that Brainiac`s plan is to have Supergirl fall so deeply for the robot Kimor that when it kills itself as programmed, Supergirl will be so depressed she will cease to be a super-hero.  Kind of a roundabout plan, and overall a curious one for an emotionless android like Brainiac to come up with.


Supergirl discovers Kmbor is working for Brainiac, and makes him think she is turning him to stone.  Brainiac shows up, and discovers that Kimbor was just pretending to be a robot, and is in fact the person Brainiac broke out of prison.

This all makes for an overly-complex ending ensues.  Brainiac coats Supergirl with kryptonite and leaves before it kills her, so of course she escapes and frees Kimbor, taking him to a prison on Earth.


Adventure 388 – Supergirl deals with Luthor and Brainiac


Adventure 388 (Jan 70) concludes the story with Lex Luthor’s nephew Val, and also begins a 2-parter in which Brainiac sends a robot to seduce Supergirl.


After Lena gets a psychic vision of Val’s location, Supergirl heads out, and discovers that Lex is using the boy to commit crimes.  Adopting her Linda Danvers guise, she approaches the boy on their island base, and makes friends with him.


Eventually Linda convinces him to use a helmet Lex has created to produce monsters, in order to trap Luthor.


The device also has the effect of shorting out Val’s telekinetic powers, which Supergirl pretends was a surprise to her, but do we really believe that?


Lena Thorul returns in Supergirl’s series in Superman Family, Val never appears again.  Where did he go?  I honestly don’t recall if his absence was explained, but I’ll mention it when I get to those tales.


The second story in the issue, by Cary Bates and Kurt Schaffenberger, sees Brainiac free a womanizing felon from an alien prison, and transfer his charisma to a robot, before killing him.


Linda begins dating the robot, and despite his incredibly rude behaviour, cannot resist him.  To her surprise, he has no interest in Supergirl at all.

Ah, Brainiac, the master of twisted abusive relationships.  The story concludes next issue.



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