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Adventure 364 – The Legion vs the Super-Pets


In Adventure 364 (Jan 68), Jim Shooter gives the Super-Pets a starring role, with the Legion reduced to supporting players.  It’s a silly little story, but enjoyable for what it is.


The Super-Pets are playing around in space one day, and spot some unmanned rockets approaching Earth.  They destroy the rockets, but then get bitched at by the Legion for not tracking them back to their source.  Yes, seriously.

Feeling unappreciated, the Super-Pets take off, and encounter Rikker Rost, who brings them to his world, Thanl, where people idolize them and build statues to them.


The Legionnaires realize they were being total dicks, and head out to bring the Super-Pets back, but when they refuse to come, it turns into an all-out brawl between the two teams.

Rikker convinces the Super-Pets that Legion has evil plans for them, and so Proty II and Comet (conveniently changed back into human form by a passing comet) infiltrate the League, joining it as Biron the Bowman and Blockade Boy.


Supergirl notices how much Biron resembles Bronco Bill Starr (Comet’s human disguise on Earth), but as usual fails to figure out that her boyfriend is her horse.  I’m looking soooo forward to writing about those stories when I reach them.

Anyway, Biron and Blockade Boy are assigned to track the source of the ships, which turns out to be Thanl, and Rikker is exposed as the bad guy behind it all.  The two teams join to defeat him, and all is happy again.

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