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Detective 551 – Calendar Man aims to kill Robin, and Green Arrow gets rounded up


Moench and Broederick contribute the middle chapter to a very good Calendar Man story in Detective 551 (June 1985).


The Calendar Man is made a far more serious villain in this story than he had been in either of his previous ones. He has been hired, through the Monitor, to kill Robin, but is making that the climax of a series of holiday-themed crimes.


Batman plays a nice, interactive game with Alfred and Jason, working with them to figure out what the holidays might be that Calendar Man is going to base his crimes on, but he refuses to let Jason accompany him as Robin when they go out, insisting it is simply too dangerous.


As always, Calendar Man alters his costume and weaponry to match his crime, leaving Batman always unprepared for what the villain will throw at him.

The story concludes in the following issue of Batman.


No costume, but at least Dinah Lance gets a supporting role in this Green Arrow story by Cavalieri, Moore and Patterson.


The story deals withe plight of illegal immigrants from Mexico, which seems a timeless issue in the US.  They are being hidden in the basement of a church in this story, and Oliver Queen goes to help, and write about, them.  But as it turns out, that just means he gets rounded up with the rest of them when the border police come.


Meanwhile, Onyx wonders if she can trust the guy who has been bringing her food, and hiding her and keeping her safe.  This woman has issues.


Detective 259 – Calendar Man debuts, and the Martian Manhunter vs the Getaway King


One of Batman`s more unusual foes, the Calendar Man, makes his first appearance in Detective 259 (Sept. 58), in a story by Bill Finger and Sheldon Moldoff.


Not shy in the slightest, Calendar Man announces a daily crime spree based on the five seasons, which newspapers in Gotham are more than happy to publicize.  For each seasonal crime, Calendar Man has a different costume and weaponry, themed to the season.  He has clearly put an awful lot of time and money into this.


Batman and Robin are always one step behind, but Batman catches little clues to the villain`s identity, while Robin puzzles over the fifth season.


Although we do not get his true name in this story, Batman unmasks him as a travelling magician, with India as his magic theme.  The fifth season was a reference to the monsoon season there.

Calendar Man would not return until the late 70s, and while he would never be a major Batman villain, all of his stories have been above par, for the time.


The Martian Manhunter faces the Getaway King in this story.  From his martian form appearing as an aura, the series has started showing him in full martian form, but a glowing green.  This is meant to indicate to the reader that J’onn is invisible, and the characters often stand around mystified when he is taking action.


This story pits him against Monty Moran, who calls himself the Getaway King.  He has built a number of getaway vehicles for his men, so he is more of a behind the scenes villain than a player.


Nevertheless, this is the first foe J’onn would face who would return, although not in the pages of Detective Comics.  Getaway King returns in an early issue of Justice League of America.

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