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Adventure 363 – Mantis Morlo attacks Legion homeworlds


The concluding half of Jim Shooter’s 2-part Mantis Morlo story sees the Legionnaires on Daxam and Naltor, but the mediocre art prevents Adventure 363 (Dec 67) from even equalling the previous issue.


Mon-El’s team finds Daxam in ruins, its cities destroyed by chemical storms, which means the artist doesn’t have to bother drawing them.  I chose the above page because it has the only Daxamite building in the issue.  Morlo’s base is underwater, and the Legionnaires chase him there, but he escapes.


Meanwhile on Naltor, Morlo has poisoned the food supply, causing bad dreams on this planet of psychics, which is causing mass panic.  Again, little is shown of Dream Girl’s homeworld, but at least we get some idea of how this unusual world works – or doesn’t, in this case.  Ultra Boy has an impressive scene, using his penetra-vision to view the planet layer by layer until he finds Morlo’s base deep underground.


But neither Morlo is the real one, nor was he actually on Orando.  They are all chemoid duplicates of himself.  Chameleon Boy figures that out, as his antenna react to the Morlo he encounters on Naltor.  We learn that Durlan antennae “read” any new form they encounter, and since he read Morlo twice, one must be a fake.  He impersonates a chemoid in order to learn the villain’s plan – to blow up the Earth – then alters his cannon’s aim so he fires at a fake Earth built by Superboy and Mon-El.

Mantis Morlo returns in the late 70s, in a mildly better story.

Adventure 312 – Lightning Lad returns from the dead, again (or does he?)


The Legion decide that Lightning Lad has been dead far too long, and simply isn’t going to come back to life on his own, so take it into their own hands to bring him back to life in Adventure 312 (Sept 63), in a story by Edmond Hamilton.


They split up to search the galaxy for any possible method to bring him back.  Early on, Saturn Girl reads Mon-El’s mind, and discovers that he knows of a method, but is keeping it a secret from the rest of the Legion.

Eventually she tricks him into landing on his home planet, Daxam, where the scientists have developed a way to bring someone back to life, at the cost of another person’s life.


Saturn Girl, Mon-El, Superboy, Sun Boy, Lightning Lass and Chameleon Boy are all willing to die to bring Lightning Lad back, so they have a weird sort of contest.  They all circle his coffin with lightning rods, allowing chance to decide who will die.  Saturn Girl has no problem rigging this one, like she rigged the last leadership election, replacing her rod with one that is more conductive to electricity.


In the end though, it’s Proty who sacrifices himself, having taken Saturn Girl’s place.  And this was a sentient creature they treated as a pet!

Much much later, this story would take on an added dimension, as it would be revealed that Proty did not so much die as transfer his life force to Lightning Lad, taking over his body, rather than bringing him back to life.

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