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Adventure 338 – The Legion vs the Time Trapper


The long-running stand-off with the Time Trapper comes to a disappointing resolution in Adventure 338 (Nov 64), largely because writer Jerry Siegel keeps the character off to the side even with this story.


Glorith of Baaldur is introduced in this tale, an operative of the Time Trapper, who he sends out to attack the Legion.  The Time Trapper gives her an hourglass that has the power to reduce people’s ages, turning them back into – well, it’s called “protoplasm” in the story, to be polite.


Interestingly, it’s Saturn Girl who leads this mission, not the new leader Brainiac 5, who is on a different mission when this story begins.  This could be read as a bit more tension between these two, Saturn Girl wanting to defeat the villain that had eluded her through her two terms of leader before Brainiac 5 can steal her glory.  If that is her intent, it fails dismally, as she and her squad are reduced to children.  A chemical fountain at the amusement park she chooses for her assault prevents them from de-aging any further.

Annoyed that his plan has failed, the Time Trapper comes to the park himself, and tries to use the children to commit crimes.  But the kids view it all as play, to his frustration, and the frustration of the reader, who couldn’t help but want more out of this long-awaited face to face confrontation.


The Time Trapper eliminates Glorith, using the same hourglass she had been using.  She does return, but not for a very long time, restored to life as a side-effect of the reality warping spells of Mordru in the late 80s.


Element Lad uses his powers to turn the Time Trapper’s rocket into candy, and the Legionnaires eat it.  Oh, the intensity.  Clearly this is intended to be funny.  Maybe it made someone laugh.


In the end, it is Brainiac 5 who outwits the Time Trapper, as he and Superboy arrive.  He makes a deal with the Trapper, who restores the Legionnaires to their proper ages in exchange for his freedom.  But in fact his own force barrier is used against him, and the Trapper is trapped.

Saturn Girl appears happy at the end of the story, but Brainiac 5 has shown himself far more adept at handling the Legion’s greatest foe, even if the story was not quite up to par.

The Time Trapper is next seen in a story in Action Comics, where he torments Superman.  He does not face the Legion again until the mid-70s.

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