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Detective 513 – A Two-Faced Batman


Gerry Conway, Don Newton and Frank Chiaramonte conclude a Two-Face story begun in Batman in Detective 513 (April 1982).


Batman, captured by Two-Face, has been missing for days. Vicki Vale goes to Wayne Manor, revealing her belief that Batman is Bruce Wayne to Alfred and Dick, who just sort of look embarrassed for her, and she leaves.


Batman’s absence has the city in a panic.  Hamilton Hill goes to consult with Boss Thorne, but he is not at all upset or concerned, happy to have him out of the way.

On the other hand, he is not happy to start seeing Hugo Strange’s ghost again.


Everyone is wondering where Batman is. Even Jim Gordon, who has taken to hanging out on park benches now that he has resigned as commissioner.  Barbara tries to convince him to do something other than feed birds.


And where is Batman, anyway?  Being held in a cage by Two-Face.  He is content to keep him there, no torture or anything, and his people provide food.


Robin gets the action in this one, tracking Two-Face down.  But bythe time he arrives Batman is already free, thanks to Two-Face himself. Batman has used the food he has been given to make a mask for himself, expecting it to freak out Harvey.  Two-Face breaks the glass to free his double, and Batman takes him down.


Detective 187 – the second Two-Face


Two-Face is back in Detective 187 (Sept. 52).  Harvey Dent (the name was changed to avoid “confusion” with Clark Kent) and Gilda return.  Harvey is now giving talks about his time as Two-Face, and theatre owner George Blake has booked him for a run.


While giving his talk, Harvey appears to transform into Two-Face in front of the entire audience.  He goes off on a destructive rampage.


Batman chases Two-Face, but let’s it be known (to Robin) that he suspects something else is going on.


And indeed he was right.  Two-Face was really theatre owner George Blake, who kidnapped Harvey and took his place, part of a big insurance fraud scheme with the places he attacked as Two-Face.

What gave him away?  The scarring is on the wrong side of the face.  Clever.

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