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Adventure 305 – A mysterious new member for the Legion


Marvel Lad, who also calls himself Legionnaire Lemon, competes for membership in Adventure 305 (Feb 63), another Jerry Siegel tale.

Open auditions are held again, and it becomes a regular feature of Legion tales, in which rejected applicants are briefly introduced, many of whom would return, sometimes decades later.  This issue introduces Antennae Boy, who is not seen again until the mid-80s.


The focus of the story is on Marvel Lad, who displays a staggering range of powers, and even invents an anti-gravity metal as part of his initiation.  More significantly, he battles and defeats a Sun-Eater.  This creature bears little resemblance to the more deadly version that would be seen a few years down the road, but still is a challenge.


In the end he is revealed as Mon-El, a complete surprise for anyone who cannot reverse the letters in Lemon.  Brainiac 5 developed a cure for his lead poisoning and released him from the Phantom Zone. As they waited to see if it would function on a long term basis, Mon-El came up with the Marvel Lad identity to have some fun with the team he had joined months earlier, without being able to participate.


It`s a bit sad seeing that Jax-Ur is still in the Phantom Zone, more than a thousand years after the destruction of Krypton.  As evil as he is, being sentenced to eternal punishment is a bit much.


Adventure 293 – The Legion of Super-Pets, and Bizarro Luthor


Jerry Siegel does double-duty on Adventure 293 (Feb 62), writing both the Superboy and Bizarro World features.  Curt Swan draws the Superboy tale, but alas not the Bizarro World one.


Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl show up in Smallville and try to trick Superboy into freeing General Zod and Jax-Ur from the Phantom Zone.  Mon-El, still a resident of the Zone at this time, warns Superboy.  The Legionnaires then attack Superboy, and are revealed to be under the mental control of the Brain-Globes of Rambat.

When they notice that Krypto is not vulnerable to the Brain-Globes powers, the team decides to form a battle squad of animals, and zip through time, recruiting Streaky the Super-Cat, Beppo the Super-Monkey and a Super-Horse.  This is Comet, making his first appearance.  He is introduced as an animal that will soon become Supergirl’s pet.


The animals defeat the Brain-Globes, who flee, and are never heard from again.  Saturn Girl rewards them by officially creating the Legion of Super-Pets as an auxiliary unit of the Legion of Super-Heroes.


The Legion of Super-Pets will return and have some of my favourite goofy adventures from this era.



Bizarro Luthor gets created in this issue.  And as Lex Luthor does bad deeds, Bizarro Luthor of course does good deeds.  But when Bizarros try to do good deeds these often turn out badly.  So when Bizarro Luthor tries to do good deeds they turn into bad deeds but not really bad deeds, more like…

My brain hurts.


Although this story is really fun, overall the series is beginning to feel repetitious, and the constant inclusion of new Bizarros means that few actually get to do anything significant in the story.  While Bizarro Luthor gets the spotlight in this tale, a Bizarro Bottle City of Kandor and Bizarroe Superman Emergency Squad are also created in the tale, but pretty much shoved to the side.



Adventure 289 – Does Pa Kent really gain super-powers again? And Bizarro hunts for heroes


Oh, no, is it yet another story where Pa Kent gets powers?  Nope, it just seems to be.  Otto Binder does a great job decoying the reader with this tale, in Adventure 289 (Oct 61)


Clark, and the reader, are lead to believe that Pa Kent has gained powers as the result of exposure to an alien gem, and with two such stories in the last few years, no one was likely to be surprised, or question it.

Pa Kent adopts the identity of Super-Dad, and acts quite obnoxiously towards Clark.  But then, not so different from how Pa Kent behaved in the story where he became Strongman.


Ok, maybe throwing a lead bucket onto Superboy’s head is a bit much, but it almost feels like it’s being played for laughs.  Things get serious though, when Clark discovers his father stockpiling kryptonite in order to kill him.  Would Pa Kent really do this?


No, he wouldn’t.  This is Jax-Ur, an escapee from the Phantom Zone, making his first appearance.  We learn that he was sentenced to the Zone for destroying an inhabited moon of Krypton, and Superboy sends him back there at story’s end.

This is a good tale, almost a great one, except for the revelation of how Superboy figured out Pa Kent was not Pa Kent.





Bizarro goes time-travelling in this little romp by Jerry Siegel.  He promises the citizens of Bizarro World that he will find real heroes from the past that they can feature on tv on their world, and heads in search of the Abominable Snowman, Frankenstein’s monster and the Devil.

In each case, it is Bizarro himself who is assumed by people in that time period to be the monster he is seeking.


He winds up in the prehistoric era, and runs into Titano, who he calls Tiny. and returns to Bizarrow World to tell them all about the great hero he found.


He is accused to ripping off King Kong for his story about Tiny, which makes Bizarro World cheer him, for hoaxing them all.

Bizarro logic, what can you do?


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