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Adventure 324 – The Legion vs the Heroes of Lallor


Jungle King’s brother, Marden King, enacts a plan of revenge in this tale by Edmond Hamilton, using the mutant heroes of a distant world as pawns against the Legion, in Adventure 324 (Sept 64)


The Heroes of Lallor include Beast Boy, who can become any animal, Gas Girl, who can become a vapour, Evolvo Lad, who can transform into a caveman of a futuristic genius, Life Lass, who can animate any object, and Duplicate Boy.  He is the leader of the team, and in this story has the ability to duplicate any super power.  That’s kind of vague, but also sort of all-encompassing, as in he can do absolutely anything at all, really.

Later stories would modify his power, but not really clarify it, by stating that he can duplicate the powers of any member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  That leaves one wondering whether he gains and loses abilities as members join and leave the team.


The teams are pitted against each other, each believing the other to be villainous.  Shrinking Violet goes up against Duplicate Boy, but his actions to save her life make her doubt that he is the evil person he is supposed to be.


The other heroes of Lallor are also getting suspicious of the situation, and discover records of the Legion’s deeds, realizing that they have been lied to and manipulated.

They capture Marden King, and the two teams reconcile, while Violet and Duplicate Boy begin a long-distance romance.

Considering the later developments with Shrinking Violet’s sexuality, one cannot but think there is a bit more going on here, and why she is content to have a boyfriend on a planet very far away.

To paraphrase Avenue Q

I wish you could meet my boyfriend

But you can’t because he is on Lallor

I love him, I miss him, I can’t wait to kiss him

My boyfriend who lives on Lallor


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