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Adventure 419 – Supergirl’s bad boyfriend returns, Black Canary ends, and Zatanna faces Gorgonus


Mike Merrick returns in Adventure 419 (May 1972), with a new girlfriend in an unusual, and surprisingly sad, story by John Albano, with art by Tony de Zuniga and Bob Oskner.


Supergirl battles magical threats, and the reader discovers that these have been created by Lorelei, Mike Merrick’s new girlfriend, to divert Supergirl and keep her from tracking him down.


It’s a bit of overkill, really, as Supergirl has shown no inclination to find Mike over the last 6 months since he appeared, but he calls her and informs her of what has been going on.  This phone call is the only contact Supergirl and Merrick have in the entire story, never even sharing a scene together, but the story works extremely well despite this.


Remorseful and self-loathing, Mike kills himself and Lorelei in a car accident.  Supergirl is informed of his death, and comments that he “escaped from a world in which he never quite belonged.”  There is an absence of sappiness in this tale that makes it genuinely touching.


Black Canary’s 2-parter by Denny O”Neil and Alex Toth concludes in this issue, as she wakes to find herself bound and at the mercy of the gang she helped train.


While I kind of hate the fact that she only finds the strength to fight back from this situation by remembering advice from Green Arrow, I can’t fault the beauty of Toth’s art on the flashback.


And fight back she does, defeating the gang, and at the end discovering that it was all a plot to free Catwoman, in a surprising cameo.  It’s a nice touch, but does make one wish that there had been some bigger scene between the Cat and the Canary.

Black Canary’s next solo series is in World’s Finest Comics in the late 70s.


Zatanna returns in this issue, in a story that is sort of an epilogue to her earlier adventure, written by Len Wein with great art by Dick Giordano.

While rehearsing for a new act, Gorgonus suddenly appears, having been expelled from his dimension as an unwitting side effect of the spell Zatanna used to help her and Jeff escape.


She defeats the monster  by subterfuge rather than magic, tricking him into staring into a mirror, which turns him into stone.

Adventure 410 – Supergirl falls for a bad boy


Supergirl falls for Mike Merrick in Adventure 410 (Sept 71), a thief and con man.  The story is by John Albano, with art by Bob Oskner and Vince Colletta.


Nasty moves into a new apartment, and tries to convince Linda to become her roommate, in order to spy on her.  When she sees a monster attack a handsome neighbour, she makes excuses to leave, then flies back in to rescue the unconscious man, flying off with the monster.  By the time she returns, Nasty has made her move on the guy, but he offers to take both women out.


The monsters return, grabbing Mike and Linda and taking them to their remote village, where we learn Mike took part in transforming the inhabitants into monsters, and then robbed them of a precious jewel.


Supergirl rescues him from the vengeance-crazed beasts, but collapses in the ocean when her powers vanish again.  Mike Merrick leaves her on the shore, having figured out Linda is Supergirl.

Mike Merrick returns a few issues down the road.

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