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Detective 451 – Molly Post returns, and Robin ends


A great Giordano cover for Detective 451 (Sept. 75), although not really connected to the Denny O’Neil/Ernie Chan story.


Molly Post, the professional skier who aided Batman against Ra’s Al Ghul and the League of Assassins in the pages of Batman a few years earlier returns. Her experiences have left her traumatized, and incapable of handling violence – which manifests by having her whack Batman over the head with a champagne bottle while he is fighting with an actual criminal.  It’s really a shame.  Molly was a strong character reduced to a whimperer in this tale, champagne bottle notwithstanding.


As it turns out, she is also the intended victim in the criminal plot. Good thing she didn’t hit Batman too hard, cause he’s the one who saves her.

This is Molly’s last appearance, which is probably a good thing.


Bob Rozakis, Al Milgrom and Terry Austin conclude Robin’s series, and the Parking Lot Bandit story, in this issue.  Robin and McDonald lay a trap for the bandit.


And he falls into it.  With him out of the way, Robin nails the man who framed him, having his own secretary robbed, so that he could steal money from his company’s safe.


The case solved, Dick Grayson and Lori Elton ride off on his bike.  She asks what he wants to do that evening.  And the last panel is an inset close-up of Dick’s face.  Now seriously, there is really only one thing Dick is thinking about, right?  And are we meant to read this ending as just sexual frustration?  No, this is included, therefore significant.

Which means, as far as I am concerned, that Dick Grayson loses his virginity (aside from some likely fooling around with Betty Kane) to Lori Elton following this story.

His series also moves to Batman Family, bringing Lori and Chief McDonald with him.  Dick and Lori’s relationship would last the duration of that book, and they would return to the pages of Detective when the two series merged after the DC Implosion.

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