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Adventure 372 – Timber Wolf and Chemical King join the Legion


Adventure 372 (Sept 68) sees Timber Wolf’s long-awaited entry into the Legion, as well as Legion Academy member Chemical King, but Jim Shooter and Curt Swan also provide the earliest chronological appearance of the Legion of Super-Villains in this tale.


After being expelled last issue, Colossal Boy gets recruited by Tarik the Mute for his new Legion of Super-Villains.  He joins expelled member Nemesis Kid, as well as Legion rejects Radiation Roy, Ron Karr and Spider Girl.


Meanwhile, Bouncing Boy gets around to showing Ultra Boy the “life gem” he discovered at Gim’s place.  Shame he didn’t bother to do that when he showed him the missing training manuals.  Realizing the actual situation, Ultra Boy has Superboy, Chameleon Boy, and Academy members Timber Wolf and Chemical King adopt disguises to infiltrate the LSV.


As well as the villains mentioned before, they also discover Lightning Lad’s missing brother Mekt, in his earliest story.


Colossal Boy figures out who the Legionnaires are, and exposes them, rather than risk his parents’ lives.  Neither Timber Wolf nor Chemical King show particular prowess in their first outing.


Chameleon Boy pulls off a really impressive transformation, impersonating Superboy, and then pretending to turn to glass, and then into shards of broken glass.  That last change really should be beyond the range of his powers, being dozens of separate objects, but there would be a couple of stories in which he adopted multiple forms like that.

The Legion raid the LSV, and Colossal Boy is restores to Legion membership, while Timber Wolf and Chemical King, neither of whom did anything particular in this story, become members as well.

This story is also the final Curt Swan Legion tale in Adventure.

Adventure 320 – The Legion meets Dev-Em


Dev-Em returns, as does Jerry Siegel as scripter for Adventure 320 (May 1964).  Siegel may well have had this story in mind when he created Dev-Em, as his 2-part introduction saw him head off in the future at the end of it.


This issue begins with another Legion try-out, and the introduction of Radiation Roy, rejected because his powers are potentially fatal.  He returns later in the Adventure run.

Dev-Em crashes the try-outs, and Superboy relates his previous bad experience with the Knave from Krypton.  Superboy assumes this is another attack, but Dev-Em shocks them all with the news that he is working for the Inter-Stellar Counter-Intelligence Corps, and assigned to take down Morlock the Merciless, head of the Cosmic Spy League.

Because Superboy has more experience, the head of the ISCIC asks him to disguise himself as Dev-Em and infiltrate Morlock’s organization.


Morlock’s headquarters are accessed through a museum, and this scene includes the statue of Braino of Mrynah, who will be referenced in a story in the 90s.  Yes, one reference three decades later is all it takes to be included in my blog, when it comes to the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Morlock attempts to kill Dev-Em (Superboy) with gold kryptonite, but the gold k is really Proty II in disguise.


At the end, the Legion offer membership to Dev-Em, and in a change of pace, he rejects them, preferring to stay with the Counter-Intelligence Corps.

Dev-Em would make occasional appearances in the Legion books, but his next return was not until the Great Darkness Saga, in 1982.

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