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Detective 386 – Bruce Wayne vanishes, and Robin begins


Another impostor in Detective 386 (April 1969), but this time is Bruce Wayne being doubled, in a story by Frank Robbins, with art by Bob Brown and Joe Giella.


Bruce Wayne disappears while flying an experimental VTOL plane, and Batman is the one to investigate.  Huh?


There is no shortage of complexity in this tale.  Batman needed to stop a robbery, so got an impersonator to take Bruce Wayne’s place on the aircraft.  That Bruce was then killed and impersonated, transferring to another airplane mid-flight.

You think there would be an easier way.


Robin gets a solo series again, thanks to Mike Friedrich, Ross Andru and Mike Esposito.  It alternates with the Batgirl series over the next year or so.  Robin had had some solo tales in the pages of Batman, but had not had his own series since the 1940s, and Star-Spangled Comics.


This story largely deal with teenagers acting like teenagers.  They don’t want the younger kid around, and they dislike Robin because the girls all pay attention to him.


Robin doesn’t help them with their romantic troubles, but he does bring harmony between the older kids and the newbie.


Adventure 403 – new costumes for the Legion


Adventure 403 (March/April 1971) is a reprint issue, collecting the stories of Lightning Lad’s death and resurrection, all of which I have already written about.  But it also has three pages of new costumes for the Legion, sent in by readers.  Most would be used, at least once, though they vary from decent to horrible.


Saturn Girl’s bikini would become her standard outfit through the 70s, as would the two-tone splitting costume for Duo Damsel.

I think the Phantom Girl outfit does appear in one story, though the legs are not seen. Light Lass and Shrinking Violet costumes would not appear.  Violet’s is wildly off the mark for her character.


A host of awful costumes on this page.  Cosmic Boy, Ultra Boy and Lightning Lad would never wear these clothes, but astonishingly the hideous outfits for Karate Kid, Princess Projectra and Shadow Lass would all appear once.  It’s difficult to imagine a princess of any world wearing a bra with a crown on it, and the slave girl look does not suit Shadow Lass at all.


The outfit Saturn Girl adopts in the 80s is a bit like the one shown here, but the removable jacket was never a part of it.  Of the outfits proposed for the Substitute Legion, Chlorophyll Kid’s really isn’t that bad, but Night Girl looks like she was caught in an s&m club.  Neither of these would be used either.

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