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Adventure 345 – Matter-Eater Lad faces execution


The concluding half of the Edmond Hamilton/Curt Swan prison story in Adventure 345 (June 66) ups the drama, as we discover a spy in the barracks, and Matter-Eater Lad faces a firing squad.


As Nardo always seems to know the escape plans the boys are forming, Brainiac 5 realizes there must be a spy among them.  He builds a little flying “bug” and discovers that Weight Wizard is the traitor.  Confronted by the other prisoners, he flees, but his escape costs him his life.


Nardo proves ever more sinister as the story progresses.  Invisible Kid’s failed escape attempt results in Nardo shrinking him and leaving him to some nasty insects, though Lyle Norg is resourceful enough to survive.


It’s the female Legionnaires who save the day, really.  Saturn Girl mentally contacts Brainiac 5, alerting him to their plans.  Light Lass uses her powers to weaken a gate, and Duo Damsel breaks it down, while her other body distracts the guards.  They free the boys, and Superboy, Mon-El and Ultra Boy swoop in to the rescue.


Matter-Eater Lad’s execution is deflected by Superboy, as shown on the cover, but the ray gun still has an effect, enlarging him to Bouncing Boy size.

Shadow Kid has little to do in this story, but will return over the years.

This also marks the final Edmond Hamilton Legion tale, and possibly his final comic book story, as he retired at this point.

Adventure 344 – The Legion in prison


Wonderful Curt Swan art makes up for a fairly thin story by Edmond Hamilton in Adventure 344 (May 66), although the concluding chapter next issue is better.  The story is loosely based on The Great Escape.


The Legion learn that Brainiac 5 is being held as a prisoner of war, and head to free him.  Exactly what Brainiac 5 did to merit this is never explained, likely because he probably did something awful that deserved it.  Anyway, the Legion’s cruiser is shot down, and the rescue team imprisoned as well, in gender separate prison camps.  This issue takes place almost entirely in the men’s camp.


They meet other heroes being held by Nardo, a ruthless camp commander, including Shadow Kid, making his debut here.  They all spend much of their time trying to figure out how to escape, while Nardo tries to find out their plans.

The cover image of Superboy being shot is deceptive.  The Legion are surprised to discover Superboy already in the camp, but in fact it is a Durlan, frozen into Superboy’s shape.

The story concludes next issue.


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