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Detective 394 – Batman and Robin miss each other, but fight crime anyway


Batman spends a fair bit of his story missing Robin, and at the end of his tale he and Alfred eagerly read a letter from Dick, the contents of which are the narrative for his story, in Detective 394 (Dec. 69).


Batman’s story, by Robbins, Brown and Giella, involves his new Victims, Incorporated program, and a race car driver, shot while competing, who believes Bruce to have hired the killer.

Which, of course, he didn’t, but as Batman he hunts down the actual bad guy, a rival driver.


Robin’s story, by Frank Robbins, while similar to Friedrich’s tale of unions and riots at his high school, is far more suited to the rebellious university life of 1969.


Kane and Anderson handle the art as Dick arrives at Hudson University, and immediately gets caught up in student protests, lead by Fire-Brand Fran and Jonah Ram.


Robin realizes they have hired fake police to bust up and arrest the protestors, and wonders what their goal is.

The story continues next issue.


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