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Adventure 483 – Dial “H” for Hero meet King Faraday


Adventure 483 (July 1981) is another less then impressive effort by Marv Wolfman and Carmine Infantino, but makes it into my blog because of the guest star in the second story.


The villain in this issue is the Wildebeest, a hunter who intends to kill every animal on the endangered species list, because he’s a total dick.  Although there is no connection between this character and the one Wolfman will later create as a menace for the New Teen Titans, one cannot help but suspect that he really liked the name of the villain, and chose to use it himself later on.


Chris and Vickie get involved when the Wildebeest comes to hunt an animal at the Fairfax Zoo on loan from Kenya, and wind up running into King Faraday.  Farady was introduced in the 1950s, DC’s version of James Bond.  He had most recently appeared in Batman, and was soon to become a semi-regular supporting character for a while in New Teen Titans.  But this is still a bit of a career low.


And that is partially because the Wildebeest doesn’t even get captured in this story!  Together, the three of them save the animals in the zoo and drive off the bad guy, but that’s as far as they get.  King doesn’t even figure out that the variety of heroes he encounters at the zoo are really just the same two kids!

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