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Adventure 413 – Zatanna begins


Zatanna begins her back-up series in Adventure 413 (Dec 71), which would run sporadically during the rest of Supergirl’s run in the book.  Despite having been around in the comics for 7 years, this was the first time the character had a series of her own.  The story is by Len Wein, and Gray Morrow provides the evocative art.

This story, in which Zatara is kidnapped and Zatanna must track him down, resembles the storyline that introduced her character across the DC line in the mid 60s.  The family estate is called Shadowcrest for the first time in this story.

She has a manager/boyfriend, Jeff Sloane, who functions as her sidekick in the series.

Zatanna tracks her father to a different dimensional world, where she and Jeff are both captured at the end of the tale.


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