A while back I began a blog about DC Comics, and got really into it, until the day I discovered how to take screen cap pics of the comics I was reading.


A wonderful discovery, but one that made me realize I would have to go back and redo the entire blog.  So I just stopped.


Now I am beginning something a bit different.  Still all me babbling about comics, but for right now, I am going to go through all of Adventure Comics, covering every series that ran in it, and just generally everything and anything I have to say about it.


Going to do one post per day, so this will take a while just to get through Adventure.  What the blog becomes after that?  Who can say?

Comments on: "About" (3)

  1. Great blog! Can you put up all the #300 Polka Dot Man story? Love to see that in its entirety again..


  2. Hi, Really exciting blog!

    Re Mr Polka Dot #300: I can only see three panels I meant screen caps of all the panels of the story if possible…

    Many thanks.


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